UCCR Peacekeeper Award

UCCR seeks to honor the endeavors of peacekeeping in our homes, workplaces, churches, schools, parks and entire community. A commitment to peacemaking and to the common ground we share helps build a society where diversity is valued and peace is desired.

The Peacekeeper Award is presented annually to an outstanding member of the community who has a superior commitment to the process of peace and to conflict resolution.  The Peacekeeper is representative of the highest principles and extraordinary humanity exemplified in conflict resolution. 

In recognition, a crystal sphere is presented to the Peacekeeper, and in tribute, a bronze plaque with the Peacekeepers name is engraved and permantly displayed at the Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City to celebrate this impressive distinction.  


Peacekeeper Award Recipients

2001       Diane Hamilton, ADR Director Utah State Courts

2002       Len Hawes, University of Utah

               Michelle Hawes, University of Utah

2003       Sue Petty, Utah Dispute Resolution

               Brian Florence, Attorney and Mediator

2004       Michelle Roybal (Oldroyd), US Federal Court

2005       Judge William Bohling, Utah State Court

2006       Kathy Elton, ADR Director Utah State Court

2007       Justice Michael Zimmerman, Utah Supreme Court

2008       Mayor Ralph Becker, Salt Lake City

2009       Nancy McGahey, Utah Dispute Resolution Director

2010       William Downes, Attorney and Mediator

2011       James Holbrook, Professor Quinney Law School

2012       Beverly Klungervik, Utah State Court Child Welfare Program

2013       Vivia Baldwin, mediator

2014       Palmer DePaulis

2015       Michele Mattsson, Appellate Mediation Office of the Court

               Nini Rich, ADR Director, Utah State Courts

2016       Judge Royal I. Hansen

2017       Stephen D. Kelson

2018       Marcella L. Keck

2019       Kent B. Scott


2021       Michele Straube

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