2018 UCCR Peacekeeper Award

Marcella L. Keck

Juris Doctor and Mediator

Marcella “Marcie” Keck has provided mediation services in Utah since 1989. She helped establish mediation as a mainstream option to resolve conflict in our state by raising awareness of the value that mediation offers and promoting the use of this collaborative process. Marcie continues to be active in Utah’s ADR community and remains a fierce advocate for the use of mediation, ethical practices, and promoting continued skill development among practitioners. Marcie graduated from the University Of Utah College Of Law in 1983 and had a general civil litigation law practice until 1990 when she transitioned to full-time mediation practice. She is one of the most respected private mediators in our state. Her success is an inspiration to those who aspire to become skilled mediators. In 1991, Marcie joined a task force to explore the possibility of establishing a mediation center in our state. These discussions resulted in the founding of Utah Dispute Resolution (UDR). Marcie was a part of the first group of mediators who received community mediation training through UDR. She continued to volunteer for UDR programs and served on the Board of Directors in those early years.

Marcie generously gives her time to numerous organizations. She has served on the Court ADR Committee since 1993 and continues to be an active participant in this body. She is also a member of a Court subcommittee on Child Custody Evaluations. She has served on the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the Utah State Bar Association for 20 years and was Chair of that section in 1999-2000. The Family Law Section named her Practitioner of the Year in 2001.  Marcie generously shares her expertise with the ADR community and has trained many Utah mediators. She has presented numerous college-level and professional courses in mediation and related subjects. As an Associate Instructor at the University of Utah since 1994, she has taught mediation classes for the Family and Consumer Studies Department. She has given numerous presentations over the years on mediation and conflict resolution topics. And she is an instructor for the Domestic Mediation Training offered through Utah Dispute Resolution. 

Marcie considers her work in conflict resolution a calling, not just a job. She remains passionate about the work and is an avid advocate for and defender of the professionalism of mediation as a practice. She never hesitates to raise concerns or challenge thinking. This search for continual improvement and understanding helps all members of the ADR community expand our understanding of this work and improve our skills. Marcie is a consummate professional. She is devoted to following and furthering best practice standards for mediators. And she adheres to, promotes, and defends the ethical boundaries of the practice of mediation. Marcie is clearly one of the pioneers of ADR in Utah and has contributed to our community for more than 29 years. She was among the individuals who helped establish UCCR as an organization and remains a member.  As UCCR looks back in celebration of the 20 years since our founding, it is fitting to honor one of the pioneers who helped establish mediation as an accepted conflict resolution option in Utah. Without Marcie’s efforts, the use of mediation would not be as respected or as widely accepted as it has become in our state.  

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