2023 Recipient

UCCR Educator Scholarship: Peacebuilders of Tomorrow Award Recipient

Congratulations, and thank you for your contributions in promoting peace and leadership in youth!

Lucas Tucker, Glendale Middle School

Lucus Tucker’s class is the most requested elective class at Glendale Middle School. He never turns students away. One of the many reasons why students like his class is because he is very understanding of middle school students’ stages of development: physical, emotional, cognitive, and physiological. Students can make mistakes in his class and Coach Tucker helps them learn from their mistakes. When conflicts arise, he mediates and helps students restore the relationships and/or repair any harm that happened due to the conflict. This looks different in each situation. Sometimes he has a whole class meeting and other times it is a one-on-one mediation. Most times he is very successful, and the students get back to doing what they love…. sports and games.