Ethics Plenary

Michelle Oldroyd

Breakout Session

Sonia Salari

Presenting: Understanding the Subtleties of Domestic Violence

Breakout Session

Michael Thornock, Adam Crayk & Daniel Black

Presenting: Immigration and Family Law

Breakout Session

Samantha Taylor

Presenting: LGBTQ+ Community and Mediation

Please Join Us for Our 24th Annual Symposium – May 26, 2022

Keynote Speaker:  Stephanie Blondell

Interest Identification: The Secret Key to Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in ADR

Conflict resolution competencies rely on the building block of interest identification. Diversity and equity inclusion competencies similarly stem from deep listening and interest identification.

Most conflict resolution interventions, tricks, and techniques lead back to this fundamental concept. Interest Identification is often taught in a cursory fashion without a roadmap for how to practice or implement the skill. This plenary session is a deep dive into interest identification in the context of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Participants will leave with a paradigm for identifying interests, and an understanding of the top ten interests in the DEI context.

He said. She Said.: A Mediator’s Approach to Memory Errors in Mediation

Einstein said, “Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today’s events.” Recent memory research has proven this wise adage to be true.  Mediators don’t need scientists to report that memory errors play into the calcification of conflict narratives and influence negotiation themes and rhetoric. This interactive workshop is a brief overview of the emerging science on memory (misattribution, transience, and suggestibility) and its applicability to our lives as mediators. This interactive session explores new mediation interventions to defuse conflict that emerges from discrepant recollections. Understanding how we remember is arguably a tool for mediator neutrality, but also a relevant tool for each of us as busy and aging human beings.


Professor Blondell is an Associate Professor of Law and Associate Director of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. Professor Blondell is the Director of the Master of Dispute Resolution Program in West Los Angeles. Professor Blondell teaches Mediation Theory and Practice, Psychology of Conflict, Criminal Law, and supervises the Mediation Clinic. Professor Blondell also is a lead faculty for Mediating the Litigated Case in Washington, D.C. and internationally.

Prior to joining the Pepperdine community, Professor Blondell served as the Manager of the King County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and Interlocal Conflict Resolution Group, a labor-management and public policy mediation program serving a tri-county region in Seattle. Professor Blondell also served as the Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator for the City of Seattle where she designed and implemented an employment mediation program for City government in a joint labor-management context. Professor Blondell was also the Court and Program Manager for the Dispute Resolution Center of King County, managing the mediation activities of twelve divisions of the district court. In these capacities, Professor Blondell trained and supervised the mediation practicum of over a hundred law students, attorneys and non-attorneys. It is here she developed a passion for passing on the face of rigorous and mindful professionalism to new lawyers in a classroom and clinical setting.

Professor Blondell has also served as an adjunct faculty at Seattle University School of Law and as a faculty instructor in Negotiations at the Evans School Executive Masters in Public Affairs Program at the University of Washington. Prior to entering the field of mediation, Professor Blondell practiced criminal defense and was a research attorney for the Federal Public Defender for the Western District of Washington.