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About Utah Council on Conflict Resolution

What is UCCR?

The Utah Council on Conflict Resolution (UCCR) is a statewide umbrella organization for all persons interested in enhancing the network of professionals performing or promoting conflict resolution in the State of Utah. The UCCR is committed to serving the community by strengthening the professionalism and integrity of the practice of conflict resolution in Utah. This will be conducted through education and participating in related public policymaking.

What services does UCCR provide?

UCCR is first and foremost a membership organization. We are supportive and loyal to our membership.  We have an updated website directory to include a list of all members and their professions. We include updated resources on our website for ADR practitioners and organizations around the state to help us get better connected and to better serve our clients.

Further, each year, we continue to host the annual UCCR Symposium which gathers local practitioners, national and international experts to discuss the recent developments in dispute resolution and to build our skills as professionals.

Who is eligible for membership?

UCCR membership is available to anyone interested in dispute resolution.  The current membership includes many professions including attorneys, retired judges, educators, human resource providers, mediators, and arbitrators.

What is the governing body of UCCR?

UCCR’s governing body is a board of trustees. Board members include representatives from many areas of dispute resolution practice as well as organizations responsible for providing dispute resolution services. For specifics see UCCR Board of Trustees and Leadership Committee.


UCCR Board of Trustees

Carolynn Clark

2021 Chair

University of Utah

LeAnn Glade

2021 Co-Chair

Brigham Young University

Nini Rich

Past Chair

ADR Director, UT State Courts

Ben Cook

 Past Chair

Brigham Young University

Evie Brinkerhoff

2022 Symposium Chair

Family Welfare Mediator, UT State Courts

Clark Fetzer

2021 Symposium Chair

Fetzer, Simonsen, Booth & Jenkins

Michele Mattsson

2020 Symposium Chair

Appellate Mediation Office of the Courts

Jodie Jones

Symposium Committee

Dept. of Communications, SLCC

Palmer DePaulis


Stacy Parsons

Brown Bag Chair

Colleen Packer

Brown Bag Co-Chair

Weber State University

Stephen Kelson

Educators Scholarship and Peacekeeper Chair

Christensen & Jensen

Dan Day

Board Member

Daniel Day Law

Jenaveve Arnoldus

Board Member

Executive Director, Utah Dispute Resolution

Karrie Ketchum


Sun River Mediation

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