2022 Recipient

UCCR Educators Scholarship: Peacebuilders of Tomorrow Award Recipient

Congratulations, and thank you for your contributions in promoting peace and leadership in youth!

2022 UCCR Educator’s Scholarship: Peacebuilders of Tomorrow Recipient:

Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Jeffrey teaches restorative dispute resolution practices in the classrooms of the 7th-12th graders at Monument Valley High School, San Juan County, Utah. The majority of the students at Monument Valley High School are members of the Navajo Nation. Jeffrey taps into the expertise of the Elder Peacemakers in the Navajo Nation community to assist with these practices. These practices are utilized throughout the year with an emphasis when specific needs arise, such as bullying, fighting, etc.

In addition to his teaching restorative practices, Jeffrey utilizes peace counseling and talking circles within groups of students experiencing conflict, as well as the classrooms where bullying has occurred or where there is a need for better communication.  He strives to find the “underlying issue” that the students experience which brings them to the conflict and then educates them on ways to handle conflict in the school, community and home.

Jeffrey continues to further his education about conflict resolution through ongoing training. He plans to continue the education of those who teach these restorative practices and talking circles.