Carolyn Erickson

Carolyn Erickson

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Emotion versus Logic


Emotion always wins. Add a new tool to your tool box. Recognizing when a client is dug in in what area – emotion or logic.  What emotion has to be satisfied to reach an acceptable solution for the emotional need?   With the understanding that one participant is coming from logical thinking – speaking in ABC  terms – and the other participant is driven by an emotional need – speaking in XYZ terms – opens the door for mediators to do what they do so well,  finding an acceptable, workable solution.

Carolyn Erickson is a RTT hypnotherapist, volunteer mediator and certified shorthand reporter.  She has volunteered with the Victim-Offender Program and small claims court for several years.  She is involved in many youth programs through the years, including Restorative Justice, Youth at Risk, Step Into the Future. She volunteered with Salt Lake County Probation for 2nd DUI offenders for three years and with Valley Behavior Health for 2 years. She has been involved in mediation and UCCR since its inception (having attended the first UCCR organizational meeting with Judge Zimmerman, Diane Hamilton, Sue Petty and others.