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The Utah Council on Conflict Resolution (UCCR) is a statewide umbrella organization for all persons interested in enhancing the network of professionals performing or promoting conflict resolution in the State of Utah. The UCCR is committed to serving the community by strengthening the professionalism and integrity of the practice of conflict resolution in Utah. This will be conducted through education and participating in related public policy making.


 17th Annual UCCR Symposium

"Accountability & Conscience in Dialogue" 

  Friday May 15, 2015 

8:00am - 4:30 pm 

At the Utah Law and Justice Center 

645 South 200 East

Salt Lake City



Brown Bag Presentations

Wendesday April 15, 2015

"Attorney Preferences When it Comes to Mediation"

Patrick C. Burt, Kip & Christian, P.CGabriel K. White, Christensen & Jensen

Description of TopicAs more areas of law are required to mediate before heading to trial, either out of agreement, court order, or state law requirements, the attorneys are building their own approaches to prepare for mediation, select mediators, and how to use their mediator before and during mediation.   Straight from the attorneys, a discussion of how they prepare, how they select their mediators, what mediators do that is useful (or less useful) at mediation.


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