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 UCCR Board of Directors


 Nini Rich
ADR Director, UT State Courts
Chair Elect
Clark Fetzer
Past Chair
Fetzer Simonsen Booth & Jenkins
Steve Kelson
Board Member
Christensen & Jensen
Michele Mattsson
Board Member
Appellate Mediation Office of the Courts
Jodie Jones
At-Large Member
Symposium Chair Elect
Dept. of Communications, SLCC
Daniel Day
  At-Large Member
Daniel Day Law
Palmer DePaulis
Finance Committee
Stacy Roberts
Brown Bag Event Chair
Family Welfare Mediatior, UT State Courts 
Ben Cook
Board Member
Brigham Young University
Carolynn Clark
2017 Symposium Chair
University of Utah
Nancy McGahey
Board Member
Director, Utah Dispute Resolution
Grant Richards
Board Member
Utah Valley University
Darren Rogers
Workplace Section Chair 
Department of Workforce Services
Gary Scholes
Southern Utah Chapter
Scholes Dispute Resolution Services, LLC
LeeAnn Glade
Board Member
J. Reuben Law School Brigham Young University
Nancy Hansen
Board Member
Utah Labor Commission
Airen Goodman
Goodman Mediation & Resolution Services, LLC


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