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 UCCR Educators Scholarship: Peacebuilders of Tomorrow!

UCCR is excited to announce the UCCR Educators Scholarship Program!

We need your support to continue making this program a success!

 To promote UCCR’s continuing goal of raising awareness in the Utah community regarding alternative dispute resolution and its valuable applications, UCCR is now seeking nominations and applications from Utah school teachers to be awarded the UCCR Educators: Peacebuilders of Tomorrow Scholarship!

This program is a yearly scholarship, beginning in 2015, offered to at least one Utah school teacher who has is or intends to teach ADR as part of a class curriculum. The recipient of the Educators Scholarship will use awarded scholarship funds to either enroll in an alternative dispute resolution training course of his or her choice or for the use of purchasing classroom materials to support an ADR curriculum.

The Scholaeship recipient will be invited to next year’s UCCR Symposium to report on how scholarship funds were utilized, and how they have benefitted the recipient/students/school and the community.

To apply now click here! 

We need your support to continue making this program a success ! 

UCCR is seeking voluntary contributions from its membership to assist in the funding of the UCCR Educators: Peacebuilders of Tomorrow Scholarship. Members will also have the opportunity to take part in assisting the Scholarship recipient by organizing proposed curriculum aides, geared to the recipients’ student grade level, including materials, original role plays, curriculum outlines, and other items for the purpose of assisting the recipient in teaching a one to two week section on alternative dispute resolution.

The hope and goal is to continue to expand this program to encourage and assist Utah educators to promote ADR programs and education in Utah schools.