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UCCR Workplace Section

This section was formed to provide UCCR members with opportunities for ongoing knowledge and skill development and to network with others who have an interest in workplace conflict resolution.  

The purpose of this section is to provide members with the following opportunities.

1.   Networking- Expand and broaden the network of professionals practicing workplace mediation.

2.   Resources- Creating a ‘tool box’ and posting resources for workplace mediation in the library section on the website.

3.   Training- Provide opportunities for continuing education and hold regular scheduled ‘Work Shops’ to develop the Workplace program and marketing to businesses. 

4.   Organization & Public Outreach- Utah Labor Commission for observation and volunteer opportunities. Their Education & Outreach Program promotes public awareness through educational presentations and training workshops. This would be a great resource for future Brown Bag Presentations. Membership connection with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for additional programming and networking.

5.  Leadership Opportunities!

Please contact Darren Rogers at darrenrrogers@yahoo.com for any questions regarding this section. 

UCCR Workplace section members have created topics and categories related to workplace mediation. The purpose is to seek out resources to create articles for training opportunities, and to create a library of information to have available for members.

Click here to view the topics discussed in the Workplace Section meetings.

 2017 Workplace Section Meetings TBA